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A Destroying Fungus

Mold is more common than we’d like to realize, and while it may not impact us on a daily basis, it’s possible that this pesky fungus will eventually come and kick us in the butt. Even if you don’t think about it often, there are many ways that mold can have a negative impact on your life. However, when you’re more aware of the potential dangers it possesses, you have a better chance of getting ahead of it. Check out the following four ways that mold can ruin your life.


Mold is found in many homes, and oftentimes, it’s found when it’s too late. If your home has mold, it can wreak havoc on the area where the mold was found. Mold deteriorates walls and structures, so an immense mold overgrowth can cause areas of your home to actually fall apart. For example, if you have mold behind the wall of your shower, it’s possible that the tile on the wall will start to fall off, which can cause a serious safety hazard. To be safe, you should always look for signs of mold and stop the problem before it spreads. Check bathrooms, kitchens, and basements for signs of water leaks or water damage. If you notice something, you should call a professional to take a better look and allow them to fix the issue. When you stop mold before it spreads, you have a better chance of saving your home from the dangers.


When you have mold, you will find yourself facing many health risks. When you breathe mold in for a long time, you can find it difficult to breathe, or worse, you may even find yourself with serious diseases or illnesses because of it. Aside from the respiratory system, mold can also impact your skin. Mold on the skin can lead to serious rashes and infections, so it’s extremely important that you have your home checked for signs of mold.

If you suffer from mold allergies or asthma, your health is also in danger when dealing with mold. Breathing in mold can make your symptoms flare up, and depending on the severity, may result in hospitalization.


Chances are you take pride in your hygiene, so chances are you wash your clothes regularly. However, even if you wash your clothes, mold can have an impact. Your washing machine has a tendency to keep water and moisture trapped inside confined areas, and this can lead to mold growth. When you run the washing machine, this moldy water becomes mixed with the water used to clean your clothes, which means that you are now putting mold on your clothes. For most people, this will not do too much to their overall health or well-being, but if you have mold allergies or asthma, this could put your health in danger.

One way to deal with this is to use vinegar when you wash your clothes, as this will help to kill the mold and give you fresher clothes. It’s also important that you don’t allow your clothes to sit wet in the washer for extended periods of time.


Mold can also have an impact on your expenses. If you have a mold problem in your home, you could find yourself spending a lot of money trying to get it fixed. If you’re allergic to mold, you’ll find that allergy medicine also takes a nice chunk out of your expenses. While this is typically out of your control, being prepared and knowing how to look for signs of mold can help stop a problem before it escalates into something more expensive.

Mold is not something you want to deal with, but because it’s so widespread, knowing how to cope with it is important. Make sure to look for signs of mold in your home and know how to properly wash your clothes. If you ever feel sick, or if your mold allergies start to flare up, use that as a sign that you should have your home checked for mold. By trying to find the problem, you can avoid the health, home and budget risks.


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