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Dee JensenDee Jensen has dedicated her life to the healthcare profession. Her undergraduate education was focused on pre-med studies including psychology & social welfare. Mrs. Jensen background includes educational training in wellness/prevention, rehabilitation and athletic conditioning. Dee had visions of the healthcare system beyond what currently existed. She became disillusioned with Western medicine, because she had always envisioned a healthcare system different than the status quo.

Upon meeting her husband-to-be, they began creating what they believed to be the future of healthcare. They developed an expansion of integrative healthcare including western medicine, eastern treatments along with indigenous cultures natural medicine. Dee & her husband, Dr. Dave Jensen, are the founders of the W.I.N. Health Institute (World Integrated Neurocenters). It was designed with the concept of creating WIN-WIN situations, empowering everyone to WIN.

Together, they built a 33,000 square foot integrative health institute from the ground up. The financial collapse caused them to lose their business, the building & their home. After the loss of their home, they started renting homes. One house was full of preexisting unseen contaminants, which caused the near death experiences of she & her daughter. This experience expanded her field of expertise to include unseen contaminants, environmental toxins & the deadly aspects of unseen killers. It also increased her understanding of the miraculous dynamics relating to healing not visible to the naked eye.

Mrs. Jensen has focused a large portion of her professional career bridging the gap of healthcare. She has written and been featured in numerous newspaper and magazine articles. Additionally, she has been a healthcare spokesperson on both radio and television. Dee is involved in health because she cares. Dr. Dave & Dee wrote & published The Thrival Theory which is a helpful handbook for people to go beyond surviving & thriving to achieve Thrival. The Jensen’s were featured on National Geographic.

Dee designs individualized protocols for patient/clients as F.L.I.P. (Full-spectrum Lifestyle Integrated Program). She has developed her own form of exercise; F.L.O.W. (Flexible Life Outside & Within). Mrs. Jensen development of personalized lifestyle programs addresses past problems, present concerns and future goals. Her F.L.O.W. (Flexibility in Life Outside and Within) system has facilitated comprehensive changes for many people.

Mrs. Jensen has developed integrative children’s programs, which incorporate life skills through awareness, education & empowerment. Based on the integration of mind, body and spirit, her visions incorporate creating the capacity for a shift in consciousness for yourself and the world around you. She is also writing children’s books to positively impact children in the present & future. Dee has received over 25 songs from spirit &  feels honored to be a messenger of love, light & hope touching lives around the world.

Heart to Heart Messages are based on touching people at their very core, the heart. It is about providing a vehicle people can use to actually touch the lives of them selves, the ones they love & people they may not even know. The passage of Heart To Heart Messages has the capacity to cross all borders & go beyond ones lifetime. You can make a difference as one person. We are all connected as one human race on one planet. May you know & show love to yourself & others.