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Dee JensenDee was born in Kentucky and completed her undergraduate degree majoring with Psychology. She explored social welfare as a minor while attending the University in Florida. Her background includes educational training in premed, rehabilitation, and athletic conditioning.

She became disillusioned with Western medicine because she had always envisioned a healthcare system different than the status quo. Upon meeting her husband-to-be, they began creating what they believed to be the future of healthcare.

The basis is the integration of Eastern and Western medicine through education and empowerment. The concept provides a balanced approach to mind, body and spirit. Her advanced training in the Spiritual Paths program provided greater insight into a deep understanding of various religions within our society.

Dee Jensen’s development of personalized lifestyle programs addresses past problems, present concerns and future goals. Her F.L.O.W. (Flexibility in Life Outside and Within) system has facilitated comprehensive changes for many people. Based on some of the methods she learned while teaching Pilates, her visions incorporate creating the capacity for a shift in consciousness for yourself and the world around you.

Mrs. Jensen has written and been featured in numerous newspaper and magazine articles. Additionally, she has been a healthcare spokesperson on both radio and television. Her consulting services include healthcare program development, interior decorating, and architectural design.