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Signs of Allergies

Signs of Allergies Allergies are simply caused be an overactive immune system once triggered by an ‘allergen.’ Allergies can, of course, be seasonal or perennial. Once exposed to an allergen, whether it is pollen or wheat, your body begins to produce histamine. Once this chemical is released, individuals often experience a number of signs and symptoms. If you experience the following signs, it’s recommended that you get tested immediately. This will help you better understand the severity, as well as the...

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Sofa Poisoning!

Sofa Poisoning! It’s not your imagination, or a bad trip: Your couch could be trying to kill you. A recent study found that 85 percent of the sofas researchers tested contained flame-retardant chemicals that have been identified as carcinogens and potential neurotoxins. The stats were even worse for newer couches—those made after 2005: 93 percent of those contained chemicals that were either confirmed toxic or had not yet been tested adequately enough to know if they pose a risk. The chemicals accounted...

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Dust Mites – Like An Endless Cold

Dust Mites – Like An Endless Cold Often overlooked by allergy sufferers is their sensitivity to dust mites. Typically people sensitive to other indoor pollutants and allergens like molds are very susceptible to the allergic affects of dust mites. Generally people assume that “dust mites are everywhere” and “there’s not much you can do about them.”  In a lot of situations people thought their mattress or carpeting contained high dust mite counts when in fact no significant concentrations were detected. Conversely,...

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Parasites & Cleanses

Parasites & Cleanses Note: This blog is a condensation of several research blogs.  See additional information at the end of the article. Intestinal parasites are very common, and they affect those living in developed countries. In fact, it’s estimated that one third or more of Americans are infected with an intestinal parasite and likely don’t even know it. That’s because our immune system works to suppress the damaging and uncomfortable effects of these nasty parasites that come in the form of worms. These...

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GMO Risks

GMO Risks Introduction: the genetic manipulation referred to in this article is *not* about crossing different breeds of sheep, developing various hybrids of corn, or other “within species” enhancement to improve naturally-occuring traits.  Instead it’s about using a bacteria or virus to artificially insert an entirely foreign DNA into a plant’s genes, such as human genes inserted into rice, or Monsanto’s “Bt” (Bacillus thuringiensis) corn, which was genetically modified to produce a...

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5 Foods That Adversely Affect A Child

5 Foods That Adversely Affect A Child Dee Jensen recommends this article for your information….(From Child Development Institution) Parents intuitively know that food can impact their child’s behavior and mood. We know that sweets, for example, can cause bouts of hyperactivity. But mood-altering food isn’t limited to sugar – there are other culprits in the snacks and meals that we feed our little ones. The following five foods are the most common contributors to mood and behavioral changes in children. Dairy – If...

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